Rodeo seating chart san antonio

Rodeo seating chart san antonio

How many seats are in a row at AT&T Center?

Seat number 1 in each section is closer to the lower adjacent section. Flat floor seating sections (1-6) typically have rows from 1 up to 15 with 22 seats per row . Balcony level sections (200-231) have rows from 1 to 23 with 30 seats per row .

How many seats are in the AT&T Center in San Antonio?

18 581

What is charter level at AT&T Center?

Fans sitting in Charter Club seating receive complimentary access to the Saddles and Spurs Clubs with hand-carved selections, other upscale food options and a fully stocked bar (food and beverages are not included in ticket price).

How long does the rodeo last in San Antonio?

approximately two hours

What are saddles and spurs clubs?

At the heart of Saddles & Spurs Club are two Premium Sports Bars fully stocked with premium cocktails, imported and domestic beers, wines and a variety of frozen drinks. Have a craving for a pub experience, try our Craft Biergarten.

Who owns the AT&T Center in San Antonio?

Bexar Commissioners Court

When did the Spurs move to the AT&T Center?


Where do the Spurs play in San Antonio?

AT&T Center

How much are Spurs box seats?

San Antonio Suites accommodate a wide range of budgets, depending on the type of suite purchased. On average, Spurs suites cost between $3,500-$8,500. Payment is due in full at time of purchase. In- suite catering won’t be charged until game day and typically costs around $80 per person.

Is San Antonio Rodeo 2021 Cancelled?

Other large Texas rodeos have altered or canceled their plans for 2021 including the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo which will return in May 2021 instead of the usual March dates and the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo which has been canceled altogether due to concerns regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

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What day is Dollar Day at the rodeo?


What time do the rodeo concerts end?

most of the concerts end between 11pm and midnight.

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