Rodeo day tucson

Rodeo day tucson

What time does the rodeo start in Tucson?

Gates open at 11:00am each day of the rodeo. The Junior Rodeo begins at 12:30 pm . The ProRodeo begins at 2 pm and ends about 4 pm. The Coors Barn dance begins when the rodeo ends.

What is rodeo break Tucson?

With some activists arguing that the rodeo is tantamount to animal abuse, Tucson’s largest school district is considering renaming “ rodeo break ” — the longstanding tradition that gives local youngsters two days off from school in February, ostensibly to attend the Tucson rodeo and parade.

Where does the rodeo parade start?

The parade route begins at Bagby and Walker Streets, travels from Travis to Bell Street, and from Bell Street to Louisiana Street, before turning on Lamar Street, and ends at Lamar and Bagby.

Where do you park for the Tucson Rodeo Parade?

4823 S. Sixth Ave.

How long is the Tucson Rodeo Parade?


How old is the Tucson Rodeo?

The Tucson Rodeo , also known as “La Fiesta de los Vaqueros” first started in 1925. It began as a three day event and competition. The first Tucson Rodeo was held during the time of the Prohibition. Leighton Kramer, president of the Arizona Polo Association came up with the idea to have a rodeo .

What time is the Houston Rodeo Parade?

10 am

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