Rodeo by copland

Rodeo by copland

What is the form of Copland Hoe Down from Rodeo?

The rhythm is based on an American cowboy square-dance. has 3 main sections after the introduction, therefore the form is ABA or Ternary form . The introduction starts with a “tutti” which means full orchestra.

Who composed rodeo?

Aaron Copland

How do you pronounce Copland’s Rodeo?

*A note on pronunciation : Many classical musicians pronounce Rodeo with its original Spanish pronunciation ro-DAY-oh ro-DAY-oh, sometimes even adding an accent. Copland himself used the more commonly American RO-dee-oh RO-dee-oh when referring to this work.

Where does the ballet Rodeo take place?

Burnt Ranch

What are some instruments you can identify in the piece hoedown?

Timpani | Snare drum /Triangle/Bass drum/Cymbals/Wood block. Piano.

Who wrote Appalachian Spring?

Aaron Copland

Who taught Aaron Copland?

Nadia Boulanger

Where is Aaron Copland from?

Brooklyn, New York, NY

What music did Aaron Copland write?


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